When it comes to standard incentive schemes, top performers typically dominate the spotlight, while minimal attention is paid to mid-level performers, who represent the largest portion of a sales team. Irrespective of ability or role, sales incentive programs should motivate each individual to improve their performance in line with broader organisational goals.

"1/3 of all sales are attributable to the efforts put forth to compete for and earn rewards and incentives."

Source: Maritz

We'll ensure you're pulling the right lever.

There's room for every sales person to improve.
But a one-size-fits-all approach just won't cut it.

We design and deliver incentive programs for employees and sales channels that complement your current cash remuneration structures and training programs. We help you understand what motivates each unique group within your salesforce to strive for excellence; from laggards to the elite, we will help you create tailored user experience that offers sales incentives that will inspire and develop each unique group and contribute to sustainable, profitable sales growth.

"75% of sales representatives reported that a channel incentive program highly influences their willingness and energy to sell that manufacturer's products and services"

Source: Maritz

We get the basics right first.
Then capture their attention.

We identify your sales goals.

magnifying glass

  • Drive sales targets, milestone and KPI achievements with the help of sound incentives and rewards strategies.
  • Increase sale quality, lead referrals, and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Improve customer service, product knowledge, and brand loyalty.
  • Improve profitability.

We understand your audience.


  • Define the behaviours and targets that will deliver on your performance goals.
  • Identify the motivators for different individuals and groups within your salesforce.
  • Retain the best sales people and motivate mid-level and under-performers.
  • Define communication preferences.
  • Build an internal business case for your staff incentive program.

We design the incentive programs.


  • Set meaningful and attainable goals as foundations for sound employee sales incentives.
  • Consider multiple delivery channels — online, mobile , social, offline.
  • Create a tailored user experience via targeted messaging, performance dashboards, leader boards, and effective sales incentive program templates.
  • Create member tiering to increase earning potential and stretch sales performance.
  • Define sales data requirements.
  • Consider incorporating gamification elements to further boost engagement.
  • Specify the frequency, value and nature of recognition and reward — it's all about relevance, and choice.
  • Consider merchandise, experiences, gift vouchers, travel and career development opportunities as part of your employee incentive program.
  • Define a measurable program ROI.

We drive engagement.

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  • Develop a creative program brand and targeted, multi-channel marketing and communications plan.
  • Create awareness and excitement via a creative launch campaign.
  • Ensure the program rules and objectives are clear and understood.
  • Clarify the potential value of the program for the individual.
  • Strengthen engagement via social recognition, sales sprints and competitions.

We track, measure and modify your sales incentive programs.

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  • Budget, performance and activity reporting.
  • Measure program performance against ROI goals.
  • Keep you informed of market developments and what our other clients are doing.
  • Modify the program accordingly to realign to changing organisational or program goals.

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