It's impossible to ignore the role that employee reward and recognition plays in engaging employees, and the quantifiable impact this has on company performance. A structured reward and recognition program is one of the best and most cost-effective methods of developing your people, increasing employee motivation and engagement, and invigorating your workforce.

"Companies with high performing recognition programs are 12x more likely to have strong business outcomes."

Source: AON Trends in Global Engagement 2013

We work from the ground up.

Our holistic approach is unique.
We don't believe in out of the box solutions.

By taking the time to understand you and your business requirements, we will deliver a customised staff recognition program that better connects your people to your values, creates a fairer, more consistent culture of appreciation, and plays a central role in your overall employee value proposition.

From bringing your recognition brand to life through creative thinking, to keeping everyone happy with the right mix of staff rewards, and applying innovative mobile and social technologies, we have all the online and offline tools needed to engage your workforce.

We plan.


  • Define the behaviours that contribute to your organisation's success.
  • Align a tailored employee recognition program to your business strategy and corporate values.
  • Cater to the demographics and generational differences of your employees.
  • Inspire and include every person regardless of location or position.
  • Define the frequency and value of employee recognition and reward.
  • Define operational and technology requirements.
  • Incorporate modern employee service awards.
  • Finalise a relevant, aspirational reward range featuring thousands of products and experiences.

We formulate a business case.


  • Provide information on market research and industry trends.
  • Share insights from current client relationships.
  • Provide benchmarking data on key program activity metrics.
  • Share thought leadership material (e.g. blog posts, white papers, etc).

We explore multiple channels.


  • Utilise web-based technologies to reinforce employee behaviours and achievements.
  • Consider mobile solutions for employees on the go.
  • Expand the reach of staff recognition activities and connect your workforce through social channels.
  • Facilitate a balance of peer-to-peer and top-down recognition.
  • Explore other opportunities for public and social recognition.

We think creatively.

brain lightbulb

  • Develop engaging program brands.
  • Produce targeted communication strategies.
  • Create an engaging multi-channel user experience.
  • Execute instant recognition options such as e-cards, certificates and points vouchers.

We measure and manage.

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  • Track and report key performance indicators.
  • Review and refresh aspects of the program for continual improvement.
  • Analyse and segment employee program activity.
  • Adapt the employee reward and recognition program to meet changing business requirements.

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