"Some perks are worth 10 times more than their cash equivalent."

Source: Incentivemag

The diversity of our employee benefits program means we can appeal to the individual lifestyle and financial priorities of your people.

By providing the opportunity for significant annual savings across all major shopping categories, there's no question they'll keep coming back. The impact on engagement and loyalty can be enormous.

Our employee benefits solution is simple to use, fast to launch, and offers easy access to tracking, measuring and analysis of utilisation and value so you can continually improve your program ROI.

Simple proposition, big impact.

We'll help you get the most from your employee benefits investment.

Great offers on great brands.
It's all about choice and relevance.


Think discounts on grocery shopping and fuel. An affordable family night at the movies. Extra savings on your shopping with marquee retailers across the country.

There are partner offers on spa treatments, travel, accommodation and experiences. And if that's not enough, there's an online store featuring great discounts on over 2,500 products from all your favourite brands, updated regularly.

There's something for all tastes, budgets, demographics and lifestyles.

For partners and suppliers, it's a powerful low-cost marketing channel that drives sales, brand recognition and measureable ROI. That means we can continue to top up our benefits range with great offers on great brands.

Create a great user experience, create a great benefits program.


Whether making a last minute purchase from the office or via smartphone on the go, your audience can access their benefits at a time and place that suits them. For the ultimate in instant discounts, members can purchase and use a digital gift card - all while in-store.

Importantly, members can track a running tally of the annual savings they have accrued through the benefits program, as a constant reminder of the value they are receiving.

And lastly, having a program that carries your brand and personality will consistently and effectively reinforce the value you bring to your employees or members.

Communicate well, communicate often.


"Only one in four employers actively market their benefits program to employees... There is a clear correlation between employee awareness of benefits and favourable ratings of benefits available"

Source: Mercer

Many companies invest in a range of outstanding perks for their people, and then forget to tell anyone what they are.

We're out to correct this.

Effective, regular and relevant communication is critical to the success of any benefits proposition, reinforcing the value of benefits among your target audience and in turn maximising utilisation and program ROI.

We'll develop and execute a 12 month marketing communications plan to improve employee engagement. This will ensure your benefits program remains top of mind and clearly communicates new discounts, special offers and promotions.

And if you're looking at a strong, creative program launch or additional, creative communications, we can help with that too.

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