Bankwest Heroes

Commitment to happy banking

Incentive Marketing Association Winner, Best Employee Incentive Program


Bankwest introduced four strategic priorities to the organisation, on which the foundations for business growth would be established. These strategic priorities were relevant for all and employees were encouraged to focus on these behaviours in their everyday work to drive Bankwest's commitment of "bringing happy banking to all Australians", and support the goal to unite almost 5,000 employees as a single connected team.


In parallel, Bankwest had historically operated a number of disparate employee recognition and incentive programs across the organisation, resulting in inefficient administrative processes. Bankwest recognised the opportunity to bring these multiple recognition and reward activities into a single program, under a single brand and theme.

One of the major drivers behind achieving this vision was the introduction of the "Bankwest Heroes" employee incentive program that would:

  • Drive a new behavioural direction aligned with the organisation's four strategic priorities.
  • Develop a single, consistent and creative approach to incentives.
  • Establish a sustainable method to managing incentive and recognition activities.
  • Appeal to all members of their diverse workforce.

A fairer and more consistent culture of appreciation.

"Bankwest Heroes" was developed as the single, overarching recognition and reward vehicle to ensure recognition and incentives were inclusive and attainable for all employees. 'Heroes' provides opportunities to recognise and reward employees at all levels for service milestones, customer referrals, sales and KPI achievement and behaviours that align to the strategic priorities.

Recognition mechanisms include Hero Mail (e-cards), peer nominations, instant manager recognition, and the social 'Heroes Wall', a real time feed of all recognition activity. The Bankwest Managing Director also makes a weekly phone call to selected nominees to congratulate them on their achievements.

Employees have the opportunity to earn "Hero Points", the program's single currency, which can be accumulated and redeemed for rewards from the extensive online Heroes rewards catalogue. The early success of the program was largely due to the creative launch campaign that included Bankwest leaders dressed as super heroes, and a variety of channels including screensavers, an animated video and a user experience recording.


The implementation of the 'Heroes' program had immediate impact for Bankwest. Five months post launch, participation metrics showed high levels of engagement across the organisation.

  • Site Traffic

  • Points Earned

  • Recognition

  • chart

    82% logged into the 'Heroes' website

  • chart

    65% of participants earned 'Hero Points'

  • chart

    67% were recognised via 'Hero Mail' or nomination

Nominations Made

  • chart

    70% of managers placed a nomination

  • chart

    31% of employees placed a nomination

'Heroes' is driving a new behavioural direction for Bankwest. A culture of recognition is illustrated by frequent inclusion of the terms into the daily vernacular; terms such as "Hero Points", "Hero Mail", "That's worth heroing", and "I've heroed you" are regularly used in formal staff meetings, manager-employee discussions, and informal employee conversations.

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