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Challenges & objectives

In line with its commitment to be recognised as an 'Employer of Choice', AstraZeneca engaged accumulate to help design, launch and manage its myRecognition program. The program launched in January 2010 to 1,000 staff in its head office, sales and manufacturing divisions.

AstraZeneca's primary goal was to drive a culture of recognition that would embed its Leadership Capabilities across the business. AstraZeneca also wanted to ensure there was one consistent, meaningful way of recognising employees.

From an engagement perspective, the aim in year one of the program was for 90% of all participants to log into the program website at least once and to effectively manage the change process to a new online system.


myRecognition was designed primarily as a peer nomination program, in which employees receive recognition and reward points for behaviours that best embody AstraZeneca's Leadership Capabilities.

Employees also receive reward points for achieving length of service milestones, which can be redeemed for rewards from an extensive online catalogue.

One of the keys to achieving such strong employee engagement in the program has been its branding, driven by an omnipresent program mascot.


The integrated launch campaign included physical mascots, tent cards, door hangers, temporary tattoos, T-shirts, teaser postcards and customised overview brochures for head office and sales staff, manufacturing staff, and managers.

Ongoing engagement in the program has been generated via online promotions designed to increase site traffic and redemptions, the use of animated e-cards for instant recognition, staff vox pops and interviews on AstraZeneca's in-house TV station, and a site refresh within the first 10 months of the program.


After year one of the program, engagement levels had exceeded expectations:

  • 99% of managers had logged into the program site.
  • 93% of managers placed at least one nomination.
  • 2,275 nominations were approved across 4,113 criteria.
  • 78% of all nominations were approved.
  • 38% of eligible participants placed at least one nomination.
  • 50% of all points earned were redeemed.
  • Over 300 e-cards were sent.
  • Average time spent on the site per visit was 11 minutes and 11 pages per visit.

"myRecognition has been embraced as a really innovative, intuitive program for all of our employees across the business. The concept of recognition has always been prevalent in our organisation, however the introduction of the myRecognition program has enabled us to really drive some key leadership behaviours and ensure that the rewards achieved are meaningful for the individual.

It has increased the opportunity for our employees to recognise not only their immediate team members, but also colleagues across the whole organisation, and our recognition culture is improving as a result of that."

Fiona Notley, HR Account Manager, AstraZeneca

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