The greatest asset to invest in is your people.

There are countless untapped opportunities within your business to get more from the people that most impact its performance. Our purpose is to discover what they are, realise the possibilities and act on them to deliver exploratory, habit-changing and unique employee loyalty and engagement solutions.

After 15 years in the industry, we know how to get this right. Our successful partnerships with some of Australia's most iconic brands are our proof.

But we remain down to earth. Yes, we're innovative, we push boundaries and we're always looking at ways to deliver greater value to our clients. But everything we do remains built on an old-school belief in customer service, dependability and responsiveness.

We couldn't accomplish what we do without putting our clients first, the passion of our workforce, our thirst for knowledge and a pioneering spirit.

None of which we will ever compromise — because this is what sets us apart.

Everything we do is to benefit you.

We work as a genuine business partner.

That's how we deliver you the greatest value.

We operate based on logic and fact. But we don't forget the creativity.

We design programs and ROI models to create a strategic internal business case so it's effortless for you to sell it up the chain of command. We also recognise that recognition, benefits and incentives should be fun and engaging, so we apply a creative lens to everything we do.

We are responsive and flexible.

We manage day to day program deliverables and executing member marketing strategies that will really get your people talking.

We have an eye firmly fixed on the future.

We bring new ideas and insights to the table based on what we're seeing in the market and across our client and membership base, so you are always ahead of the game.

Partner with a team who love what they do and do it well.

And you will engage and motivate the people who are critical to achieving your business goals.

What's next for accumulate?

accumulate never stands still for long. We're always talking to our clients and surveying the market for opportunities to refine and expand our suite of solutions. We're continually discovering new ways to engage and motivate people. And we're looking at what's next for people analytics, mobile, social, and program marketing and communications for all our clients.


But regardless of the growth, innovation and new thinking that is always occurring, we will never compromise our 'customer first' philosophy; we will continue to work with each and every client to help them build more connected relationships with their people.

We're known by the company we keep.

Our industry knowledge and dedication to excellence is the foundation upon which we've built loyal relationships with some of Australia's most renowned and prestigious brands.

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